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Bill and I married 4 1/2 years ago, and God sent us globe trotting to over 12 nations and 30 churches in 1 1/2 years! Covid is a spirit! It carries a greater infection called F E A R. the great crippler of your faith. The devil tried to take us out, but only increased the power of God n Jesus for the message of faith.

We  contracted Covid in Nigeria, a GREAT place! They know what to do with it there!  We were there for the International Global Conference right after Covid began.   We were testing for our fight to Kenya, felt good, were asymptomatic, and tested positive for Covid-19!  We cancelled everything except a fight for our lives. Our host, Dr. Emmanuel Kure said, "Not on MY watch!" and he meant it. He pulled out all the "stops" for us. I was never afraid. He 

immediately sent for his  personal doctor, Dr. Yusuf Dawang, the chief neurosurgeon (who also shares the same birthday as me) started us on hydroxychloroquine and a powerful pill called the GOS-PILL!"  both so controversial because President Trump had used them both and in advance of symptoms.

Dr. Kure of Throne Room Trust ministry, Kafanchan, said, "Death passed by your door. I prayed all night for you."  

Symptoms showed up in vengeance. At age 81, I was 1000 times more likely to succumb. I also had double pneumonia, malaria, and comorbidity of asthma. God ministered to me, an all night bringing me the principles I'd just learned to take back to the USA to push the darkness back. His  prayer also delivered me from such a brain fog and weakness, trying to push my self up I couldn't even think, but after Dr. Kure walked in I snapped awake and was suddenly delivered, bright awake so suddenly it left me in amazement of what God had done!! We said "wow. Praise the Lord, thank You, Lord"

Heartfelt prayer of faith of Mark 11:22-26 speak to your mountain and God wisdom of hydroxychloroquine in advance of symptoms is the way. We have the best of BOTH worlds!

My book, "God, Rocky Trails & the Mountains" by Judy Combs is now in Spanish.

PLEASE SEE OUR NEW WEBSITE: Shiloh Global Ministry under construction.

The Facebook page is: JudyBill Combs. FB won't let me have 2 names, so our names are combined until renaming it.

For 30 years, SHILOH has been, "the light that shown in the darkness" . "Some are given the hard job of plowing up hard ground". That season has changed for us so that greater shall be the latter days than the former! We are now at the other end  "reaping what others have sown"!..and it is so-o much fun! All we do is trust and obey God and watch Him work!

Bill teaches and I minister Prophetically in Office of Prophet with Word of Knowledge.

To recap: At the age of nearly 80, God opened my heart to love again. On January 14, 2018 Bill and I married! Bill is a Man of God, a handsome "Silver Fox" now age 75, retired "Praise"byterian minister and Boeing Exec. We are very happy to be enriched by the Lord through each other, at this time of our lives: we're starting over! (Moses was 80 when he began)

Right out of the chute, as newlyweds who barely knew each other, we traveled to 12 countries in one year as missionaries with Billion Soul Network International ministry! God has opened doors and sent us into the world, indeed as He promised me 45 years ago, and Bill more recently.

We were in Nicaragua, Colombia, Kenya, Philippines, Argentina, and Costa Rica, some more than once and more invitations. We lived humbly at times, with no hot water, towels, or good light, then spoke to 1,000 dressed like a King. THE KING JESUS WAS THERE we saw a pastor come out of a wheelchair from a botched surgery and I prophesied to countless.

We also hosted ministers from Australia, Kenya, and Costa Rica.

We've been promoted by the Lord. God's Law of Promotion is: Faithful in little He will give you much. I'm considered a prophet in office Eph. 4:11 for equipping the Body of Christ, but Just Judy.

Great testimonies of restoration of wounded hearts, miracles of healing, and deliverance from evil have come through Jesus Christ.

God wants us to have a new ministry house for Missionaries free of charge! It is under construction. We will have a spiritual Prayer Tower for Throne Room Trust . We are on one of the 4 corners of the USA. I believe all 4 corners will be covered.

We are also associated with ministries of Apostle Joe Mwaniki from Kenya, Javier Espinoza, Costa Rica , "Billion Souls Network", and support our home church Adventure Church in little farm town Duvall, Wa. a small town atmosphere where everyone still cares. Our pastor is a young Man of God, in 40's, outdoorsman, hunter, Pastor Jeff Hansen.

History of Shiloh Prayer Ranch:

SHILOH PRAYER RANCH was a bridge ministry from the streets to the church. We're an independent non-profit LLC Christian faith based ministry founded on Godly principles of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. A non-denomination ministry on a 5 acre farm.

I don't know of any other ministry like this, that came alongside people, fasting and praying for their breakthrough according to Isaiah 58 Fast to, "break the chains that bind, break every yoke and let the oppressed go free!" and the prayer of agreement in Mathew 18:19, "Again I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven".

Pastors from 2 ministries oversaw us, supported by counselors and prayer warriors.We believe in prayer and God's timetable, led by the Holy Spirit to provide opportunities for change.

We continue as Shiloh Global Ministry, building a new ministry log home with spacious guest rooms for missionaries, and a pulpit here. God has provided 2 portals of Open Heaven here, for miraculous work of the Lord with guest speakers.

My book "God, Rocky Trails & the Mountains", by Judy Madden, on Amazon is now in Spanish by Judy Combs. It was written against the backdrop of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, and relates stories of courageous faith in 14 years of horse packing adventures with miraculous rescues from God in life threatening terrain.

Bill's book "Back to the Garden" 540 pages about foundations of our faith in Genesis as outlined by ancient pictograms before they were translated into Greek, then Hebrew. He teaches on deciphering the pictograms, as another tool God has given us to reveal truth. Available on Amazon.


  • My Book: "God, Rocky Trails & the Mountains" 14 years of miraculous
  • About Us: How this ministry works
  • Judy's Story: My testimony, and what motivates me for others
  • Statement of Faith: Core values of what we believe

Photos of SHILOH home, Cascade Mountains, and Israel

Shiloh homestead, with cabin

Shiloh homestead, with cabin

Shiloh means "place of rest" in Hebrew. My 100 year old homestead with guest cabin in the background..

11 ft. cross and flag

The cross, against a backdrop of green pastures carved out of the woods in front of where our new log home is going.

11 ft. cross and flag
Packing-in on Brady for a week, with Faith.

Packing-in on Brady for a week, with Faith.

Oregon's Wallowas, in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Brady, a big 16.1 Hand Missouri Fox Trotter, and Faith Arab/ Thoroughbred .

Mt. Stuart from 6,000 ft. Hardscrabble

Judy on favorite horse, Brady age 65

Mt. Stuart from 6,000 ft. Hardscrabble
Pete Lake against the Cascade PCT with Trucker.

Pete Lake against the Cascade PCT with Trucker.

I hosted nearby Cayuse Horse camp for the Forest Service at Salmon La Sac...(not in uniform, here)

Mount of Olives, Israel..Praise the Lord!

I lived amongst the Arabs on Mt. of Olives. They called me "one of theirs". Riding a camel is fun!

Mount of Olives, Israel..Praise the Lord!
Camels and Bedouin against a backdrop of the setting sun.

Camels and Bedouin against a backdrop of the setting sun.

I rode a camel with the Bedouin 3 hours into the desert above the Dead Sea near Jericho

Bill and Judy Married Jan. 14, 2018


Bill and Judy Married Jan. 14, 2018
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Combs Love of God sealed by the Holy Spirit into destiny together.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Combs

Love of God sealed by the Holy Spirit into destiny together.

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