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Bald Eagle encounter

A great Bald Eagle, glorious in its strength and power struggled to take  its prey, a possum too heavy for him to lift.. His great 6 ft. wingspan covered it like a vulture as he flexed his talons into it for a better grip. As I came upon him, I shivered as he paused and pierced me with threatening black eyes out of his brilliant white hood. His big golden hooked beak was parted, as he turned back to his work, and valiantly attempted to lift it off the ground, but only succeeded in dragging it another 30 feet before he had to drop it. Not leaving his prize, he lifted-off to a nearby 15 ft. limb on a big fir tree where he watched down on me,  guarding his victim. I did not argue, and left.

Where was I? Deep in my beloved Cascade Mountains? No, I was outside my door in the Cascade foothills of “podunk” Duvall. The impact of this giant Bald Eagle  has left me in awe with a feeling that  I will never forget.

From my brindle Plott hound playing with the deer in the backyard, to my horses running by my window, to the Bald Eagle, and even cougar, lynx, and coyote, I love the wildlife around my cabin in the woods, and wouldn’t trade it for a Taj Mahal in the city. 

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Kathy Waldemar(Kitty Sue) on Sunday, November 08, 2015 8:34 AM
We have some beautiful bald eagles down at Guntersville State Park. You can go down and check out their nests and soar high above. I'm still very emotional about finding you. Remember Pony the poor dog who got the mange? He had to have purple meds and wrapped in burlap, and, we couldn't touch him. OOOXXX
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Diane Ingebrigtson on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 3:48 PM
We are all so blessed to read about your adventures with God and nature. Judy, you are an inspiration to so many of us that just dream about doing things and going. You go and do them and nothing holds you back. What I love about you most is when God tells you to go, you go "tunnel vision to the bulls eye" determined and, JUST DO IT! You are not like most women or men. They are too limited! And, you are valiant and focused on God's outcome, by faith carving a path out in the unknown expecting God to meet you where He's called you to go. Against all worldly odds from the peanut gallery, He meets you! hahaha He raises the bar again and again and you go again and again. Victories are in the line of the valiant because He calls us to be obedient to His Word. Courage comes out of obedience and trusting in the Lord from the little needs to the life and death rescue. God is able and what He does for one He'll do for the other because He is not a respector of persons. He loves us all! But, not all throw caution to the wind and follow His leading! Those that do are often criticized and ostracized. But, He is the lifter of our head. And, He has lifted your head, Judy! Thank you for writing your experiences for those who heard to read and see through your eyes exploits possible with God. Go deeper and wider and longer, because there's always more, so much more. Never be too concerned about the shell, let your spirit soar!
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d on Thursday, December 20, 2018 11:36 PM
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