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Christian mountain experiences

Fight, Stand or Run

The question is what do you do when afraid? Do you fight, do you stand or do you run? The biggest position of the human race is in its courage to overcome the natural response. If there were no fear, there would be no courage.Courage mandates that a fear needs to be overcome.. What would the world be like with no fear?
  If we respond in courage, then hope, and the vision for the future would be present. that is called faith. Faith always overcomes the worry or the fear.
   It's a no-brainer. Which would you rather choose, faith or fear? If you don't have one you WILL  have the other.
   Although it may be hard to believe, the answer is yes, we do have a choice. Most ER's know they must overcome and control the adrenalin rush in order to use the adrenalin to manage the objective. Fear lies. Things are not as bad as they first appear to be.
 God has given us the winning edge that counts beyond human control.

Miracle at Waptus Lake

                              MIRACLE AT WAPTUS LAKE
Wed.Sept. 17, 03
          Waptus Lake is on the Eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains, the dry side, so I wasn’t concerned about the rain forecast for Western Washington.. I drove 2 hrs. and rode 2 ½ hours from Salmon La Sac into Waptus Lake , prepared, for anything the mountain could throw at me, I just wanted to be by myself.  
          As I rode, I listened against the rhythm of hoof beats, and creaking leather to a song with a Jewish tilt  played over and over in my heart, “He will deliver thee” . I knew there was a message in it.
          The wind  whistled through the mountain passes; a song unlike anything else that only the mountains can sing. I rejoiced in the high country whisper of freedom of the wilds, my heart was released.

Faith saved by angels!

FAITH PLUNGED OFF the MOUNTAIN, but angels saved her. 
      My packhorse Faith, had just fallen off a 300ft. cliff and was still plunging when two giant 10 ft. angels hovered off the cliff. One seemed to be the leader. “What do you want?” he asked.
      I blurted out, "WHAT DO I WANT!? SAVE HER!"
      He calmly answered me, as my horse is still falling,“Do you want the load, too?”
     “'YES! SAVE HER 1ST, AND THE LOAD 2ND, OK?"  He got his orders. With the speed of light, they flashed down and drove her between two trees almost too narrow to get a horse through, she went through, but slammed her panniers so hard they stopped her cold, bounced the panniers off the arches, as she jumped out of the girth, and panniers slid down to the trail below. Her death? No! But the topo map said that she DID go down 300 feet!! The angels stopped her downward plunge still on her feet, by stopping her trajectory towards a perpendicular 20 ft. cliff, would have broken her neck, or leg, who knows? It was another 50 yd. down to the switchback. I know, because I was there
    That same shelf was her savior. She waited there for me, too scared to move, and we had to figure out how to get her out of there,  we were over 30 miles and a day from help.

Packing into the mountains with horses 


 Have you ever got yourself into a jam with 2 horses on a high steep rocky cliff  with no room to turn around, and didn’t know how to get out of it? I was so scared, I was afraid I was going die! This left me with a fear of heights that threatened my love of the mountains. Later, I was delivered me from that phobia, after I faced it on another cliffy trail called Crown Point, and submitted myself to His care. I worked through the lie that I was going to die, in order to live.
     There’s no logical reason to be afraid of heights. If you’re on a good trail, you just want to stay ON it. If it’s 10 ft.or 100 ft. or 1000 ft. it’s all the same. Elevation can bring a fear of falling. Respect is good, but if you fall, you will find a rock. Stay on the trail, and keep the horse between you and the ground AT ALL TIMES.  I got off on a bad trail, that pulled everything I knew out of me to survive.

Bucked Off Broken Up..but God

The testimony I am writing you about is a personal healing I received in 1989 through Jesus Christ. Without God healing me, none of my other adventures would have been possible. I call it:
Bucked Off Broken Up...but God
    I was crippled for a year, and couldn't walk.  The doctors said they couldn't do any more.

    I was a 50 yr. old woman, mother of 6 grown kids, training a horse. As I mounted her, she jumped out from under me. I landed behind the saddle in the rumble seat, my left toe reached for the stirrup, and I had only one rein in my left hand. She started bucking hard. I was on a blanket toss, and went for the old shoulder roll. I wasn't too athletic any more.  I fell apart on the way down, my legs fell apart like the Chinese splits, and when I hit the hard driveway, my arms caved in, and my head got it and I was knocked cold. The Aid car came and peeled me off the street.  I wound up with multiple injuries.

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