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“God, Rocky Trails & The Mountains” by Judy Madden Combs, is about true adventures of the miraculous, against a backdrop of the rugged Cascade Mountains of Washington State. She will challenge your faith, and stir you to know you are not alone within the power of God’s protection. See the new Revised Amazon. 

The author herself has experienced what no one could ever imagine. She draws parallel examples of the trail of faith, and the actual mountain trails to stay on. Written over a period of 14 years, this one-of-a-kind book encompasses over 40 full color photos of mountain scenery.

Judy has over six decades of experiences working with horses, and has traveled over 20,000 miles in the Cascades that would tax the hardiest. She is the founder and director of Shiloh Prayer Ranch for personal breakthroughs.

Available at Amazon

Left, photo of author on Brady, against the backdrop of Mt. Stewart, in Teanaway Range of Washington Cascades


Please see the You Tube video trailer: a look inside!

Photography by myself and friends.


Judy is available for a personal Book Signing, or faith based motivational speaking

Contact her at:

2014 Christmas Book Signing at The Blue Iris

Carnation, Washington

2015 Back Country Horsemen Rendezvous

Ellensburg, Washington

2016 and 2017 Events

Back Country Horsemen Rendezvous

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