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Bucked Off Broken Up..but God


The testimony I am writing you about is a personal healing I received in 1989 through Jesus Christ. Without God healing me, none of my other adventures would have been possible. I call it:

Bucked Off Broken Up...but God

I was crippled for a year, and couldn't walk. The doctors said they couldn't do any more.

I was a 50 yr. old woman, mother of 6 grown kids, training a horse. As I mounted her, she jumped out from under me. I landed behind the saddle in the rumble seat, my left toe reached for the stirrup, and I had only one rein in my left hand. She started bucking hard. I was on a blanket toss, and went for the old shoulder roll. I wasn't too athletic any more. I fell apart on the way down, my legs fell apart like the Chinese splits, and when I hit the hard driveway, my arms caved in, and my head got it and I was knocked cold. The Aid car came and peeled me off the street. I wound up with multiple injuries.

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